Office & Entertainment Unit Built-In

Need to feel more productive in your home office? Or maybe enjoy your entertainment room without the clutter of wires and poor lighting? Let the experts at Cabneato Newmarket design the right cabinetry for you.

We are a premium provider of custom cabinetry solutions for office and entertainment units. We offer a wide range of styles, designs, materials and colours to suit your needs.

An entertainment unit is often the focal point in living spaces; so it needs to be stylishly and thoughtfully designed. They can be designed to fit in an alcove, a flat wall, or designed as a freestanding unit that you can take with you if you move. We provide all kinds of layouts and spaces and ensure that our custom built-ins are suitable for all your needs, including displaying you decor items with adequate lighting. We offer a limitless collection of styles featuring freestanding systems, and custom built in wall units. We also offer space for media centre components and ensure that your electronics look organized and all the wiring nicely tucked away.

Working from home is now more popular than ever. Having an inviting, and organized office is the key to making sure you are productive among the many distractions of being at home. Cabneato Newmarket can design the perfect home office solutions for your space. From built in desks and shelving options, to filing/storage solutions.

All cabinets and storage solutions are made from high quality wood/polymer products and are made to your specifications. We use only the finest materials and offer hassle-free services. We make sure to prioritize your satisfaction and work with designs that you approve.

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